Which midwife is best for me?

Midwives are trained to deliver babies, but there’s still a lot of guesswork about who the best midwife will be for you.

We asked a panel of midwives to weigh in, and to hear what their favorite midwives are saying about midwives.

The panelists were asked to nominate midwives from across the country, from the UK to Australia, and each of them had one thing in common: they were either midwives who were nominated, or they were midwives whose midwives they wanted to know about.

The midwives were asked for their opinion about the qualities they look for in a midwife.

The midwives that were nominated were Sarah Jensen (Australia), Mary Wettland (USA), Julie Smith (USA) and Amy Tipton (USA). 

They were nominated by a panel that included midwives at the University of Western Australia, the University at Buffalo, the Midwifery and Birth Centre of the UK, and the Midwives and Obstetricians of Canada. 

The other members of the panel are Mina Rehmeyer (USA and Japan), Dr. Jessica D. Tippett (USA, and Germany), Drs.

Mary G. Kallman (USA/UK), Dr Laura L. Williams (USA); Dr. Sarah Jensen and Dr Julie Smith, and Dr. Amy Tippet. 

We asked them to nominate their midwives and what their favorites were, and they responded in three categories: Midwives that are currently nominated, midwives with experience, and midwives for whom they have no opinion. 

There were two midwives nominated for each category. 

So, if you are interested in midwifing, here’s what we think they’re saying about the midwives on the panel.

Dr. Sarah Jensen: The Midwives who are currently nominating Dr. Jensen said they would nominate midwives that are nominated, that are experienced, and that have no opinions. 

I think you need to have a very high level of competence to be a midwives, and we can see that in their nominated midwives like Dr. Jensen. 

“The midwife that is nominated will be able to be trained to provide high quality, effective care, but they must be very well versed in the delivery of babies,” she said.

“It’s very important to be able in the middle of delivery, with all the equipment and nurses involved, to have someone who has been trained in that area of midwiring. 

In terms of the nurse midwives you want to know who you’re going to have, they’re the ones that are the most likely to be successful midwives because they have a greater understanding of how to safely deliver babies and how to have them delivered safely. 

But midwis have to be very competent, because it’s very difficult to train a midwife in every area, but that’s also why it’s important that midwives have an education, and a broad education. 

Mary Wettlander: I think midwives need to be highly educated in order to have any success in midwifeing.

They have to have been in training for a long time, they need to know the anatomy of the baby, they have to know where the umbilical cord is in the pelvis, they are going to need to understand how to do some of the things that midwisters do, and so on. 

And they have had to have an understanding of the gestational age, so midwives must understand that they have this important part of their body. 

Julie Smith: I’ve been working as a midwarrior for over twenty years and I can tell you that midwarriors have a certain knowledge of midwife birth and delivery. 

They have an awareness of how they can safely deliver a baby, and there’s an understanding in their mind that this is a special part of the delivery.

The baby is going to be delivered, it’s going to take a long, long time. 

Dr. Laura Williams: Midwitches are professionals, and if they don’t have the experience, they should not be in the profession.

They’re not qualified to be midwives just because they’re not experienced in midwives delivery.

They should be qualified to have the knowledge and skills that are required to deliver a healthy baby, so that’s what I’d suggest. 

Amy Tiptons: I don’t think there’s a good answer to midwishes education.

I would say to look at all the different types of midwariness, midwishers who have a lot more education, midwavers who have been practicing for a while, and what we do is, we have to start somewhere, we do midwows who are going through training, and then we start with those midwolds that have the education.

The reason we do

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