How to earn a midwife salary in California

California is now the third state to pay midwives $25,000 per year, according to a new report by the Midwifery Careers Association.

Midwives make $37,500 per year with their employers.

It’s a huge salary increase, but there are some caveats.

A midwife’s salary is based on her experience, not how many hours she performs, the report states.

It also doesn’t include the cost of her child care, home care, or day care, which could add an additional $3,000 to a midwifess’ total compensation.

In the end, it’s all about what you know.

“We think this is a great start to our state and a great step forward for our profession, but we also know there are still many more things we need to improve,” said Laura Schmitz, vice president of midwires for the Midwives Association of California.

Midwires have been in business since 1894, but it took years for them to get to the $75,000 salary level that midwives are now making.

In 2014, the California Midwire Council launched a pilot program that requires employers to offer midwives the same wage as full-time employees.

That was followed by a statewide minimum wage hike in 2015.

Now, midwives can expect to make a minimum of $35,000 annually.

The state’s midwielders also have more control over their wages, according the report, because they are paid based on the hours they perform, not their experience.

“What you need to know about a midwives salary is what you can control,” said the Midwife Careers Agency of America’s Lori Saldaña.

“A midwife can’t change their hours or their pay, but they can change the type of work they do.”

She said midwives should be allowed to choose the type and amount of work, and that employers can’t limit their hours to those they know and trust.

Saldasao said the wage increase is good for the midwives because it’s meant to address the gap in the workforce between the highly skilled and less skilled midwives.

She said there are no data available to show that the state’s salary increase has had an impact on wages for the state workforce, but she believes that it has.

“The good news is that our industry has responded to the wage changes,” she said.

“As a result, we’re seeing our wage levels grow, and it’s creating jobs for our workers.”

If you’d like to learn more about midwiring in California, check out the following websites:

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