How to Save a Midwife from a Murder – Call Me Midwife

Midwives who help families with newborns face a new type of trauma: murder.

A midwife is a trained professional who delivers babies and performs midwifery and childbirth on behalf of a family.

She is an integral part of the baby’s life, and often she works in close proximity with the family and their families. 

This is where the murder case against Casey Harrison is coming from, and where the midwife’s life is at stake. 

Casey Harrison was murdered on August 3, 2017.

She was 30 weeks pregnant, and her baby had just arrived from New Zealand. 

She was found on a road near the Toronto suburb of Dundas West. 

Harrison’s killer, Andrew Lydon, was arrested the next day and charged with first-degree murder.

He was released on bail and is currently being held without bail pending a court date. 

While Lydons crime spree in the Toronto area was a brutal one, Harrison’s murder has brought new scrutiny to midwives in Canada. 

As a midwife who is working in close contact with babies, Harrison was targeted by Lydontes murderer, and her family has been asked to donate $1 million to the cause. 

But this donation is being used for a different cause.

The Ontario midwives association says the money will be used to pay for the midwives training to help new mothers and babies transition into the workforce and to increase training in emergency midwiring and childbirth. 

The midwives in Ontario will also receive training on safe, ethical, and ethical practices, including a pre-operative assessment, pre-natal screening, pre-birth education, and post-birth care. 

However, the group says they will also be trained in the care of babies after birth, and will be able to provide guidance to other midwives, such as obstetricians, on how to care for infants and newborns after birth. 

“Our mission is to ensure that our midwives have the training, skills, and knowledge to be safe and to support pregnant women,” says midwife and founder of the midwamas Ontario chapter, Bethany McLean. 

In addition, the mid wamas is requesting that the donations be used for “training midwives and midwives with the training of the next generation of midwives”. 

The Ontario midwives have also been asking the government to issue $50 million in emergency funding for midwives to be trained to help mothers transition into a safe life after birth in a new way. 

McLean says they also plan to donate another $50 million for training midwives who are currently in a hospital, and will be trained in a hospital emergency department. 

If you or anyone you know needs help, you can call 1-800-668-2822 or 1,800-338-7888 and an emergency hotline will be available.

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