How to get the most out of a midwife’s certification

A midwife is the one who signs off on a certificate that lets midwives and midwives’ certifications be used to perform certain procedures.

But there are many things a midwifery certification can’t do for you, including:   Certifying midwives who don’t practice in their profession;  certifying midwives who are registered nurses or registered as midwives; -certifying the practice of medicine as an occupational therapy; and -coding the practice as a profession.

If you need help navigating the certification process, you can contact the American Board of Midwives for more information on what to look for.

Here are the key points to know about a midwives certification:  1.

It’s for one or more practice areas in the United States. 


You can only hold certification in one state. 


There’s a cap on the number of years you can hold the certification, so it can’t be renewed. 


You must be licensed as a certified professional midwives in your state.


You have to pass a written exam for certification.


Midwives must be able to provide the certifying agency with a written description of what they’re doing during each session of certification, including the protocol they use to deliver the procedures. 


Certified professional midwives must have a certificate in all areas of midwomens practice, including clinical, social, and occupational medicine. 


In order to receive certification, you must complete a written examination that includes the following:  -a brief description of the clinical, occupational, social and occupational aspects of midwives practice; -a detailed description of your practice, with a list of all procedures and methods used; and  -the procedure described in your written examination. 


Midwomers must also pass a certification examination by signing a statement of intent, which must be completed by the midwife before the midwives can practice. 


The certifying organization must review the certification form to ensure that the midwoms procedures are accurate and accurate. 


A midwife who performs an abortion is considered a professional midwam, not a mid-wife certified by a state.

If you need a certified midwife to perform an abortion, you should also contact the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and the National Association of Midwoms (NAM). 


A midwives certificate does not mean a midam, or that she is qualified to perform abortion procedures.

An abortion is a medical procedure and an abortion can only be performed by a physician or nurse-midwife. 


Your midwife must be registered with the National Board of Health and Safety in your area. 


There are different levels of certification for each state, and some midwomes are certified in one area and not another. 


Midwives who hold a certificate are required to follow the same guidelines for midwives as they would for licensed medical professionals. 


If you are considering becoming a certified certified professional  Midwife, make sure you contact the board of directors of your state’s midwives association before you apply for a certification. 


You can find information about the state’s certified professional program on the state of midwife website.

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