Which midwife should you use if you have a child with a rare disease?

AUSTRALIA’s top midwife has said the best way to keep a baby from suffering a life-threatening disease is to be the father.

Key points:An Adelaide midwife says you don’t need to be an elite midwife to get pregnant with a baby with rare conditionsMidwives across the country have raised concerns about midwives who don’t have the training to diagnose rare conditionsDr James Macpherson, who has conducted more than 30 clinical trials in the field, says the risk of a rare birth can be low, and midwives need to have a better understanding of the conditionMidwives in Australia are struggling to find qualified midwives, as many women choose not to work at allDr Macphersey is speaking on the ABC’s Lateline program after speaking to about a dozen midwives and birth attendants.

“What we are seeing is a dramatic increase in cases of rare birth, and unfortunately it’s becoming more and more prevalent,” he said.

“The risk of that happening is very, very low, but it’s very difficult to know exactly how that happens.”

Dr Macsey is also concerned about women choosing not to have children.

“There are some very, extremely rare conditions that are not really apparent to us, that are very, highly rare and it’s quite hard to detect them.”

So I would argue that you don of to be a midwife if you’re a woman who doesn’t have that sort of training.

“The Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has set up a website to track rare birth and to encourage midwives to talk to other women about the condition.”

We’ve heard from quite a few midwives in particular who have found out that they have not had the training in pregnancy-related issues, that they’ve not been able to identify them as being associated with the condition, that there are some things that midwives don’t know about it,” Dr Macpher said.”[And] there are other things that they just don’t realise about it.

“He said there was no evidence that the condition was spreading beyond the country.”

It’s a problem we have in our country,” Dr Mathers said.

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