What is a midwife?

As an apprentice midwife in Germany, a graduate midwife has many of the same skills as an occupational therapist or a clinical psychologist, but the work they do is more difficult.

It is for this reason that there are fewer midwives than there are doctors and nurses in Germany.

What is the profession?

The profession of midwife is made up of two parts, midwife and midwife assistant.

A midwife can be an apprentice or a professional midwife.

A student midwife may also be a midlander who has completed a year or two of study in midland.

What does the job entail?

The midwife performs two main tasks: assessing patients, and caring for them during and after childbirth.

Midwives also have the responsibility of assessing the physical and psychological wellbeing of the patients, including monitoring blood pressure, sweating and blood sugar levels, as well as the quality of care received.

What do midwives do?

Midwives are trained to: diagnose, treat and care for all types of problems.

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