Nurse midwife wages her pay in cash, says mother

Midwives earn about Rs 40,000 per month, but they have to take out loans of Rs 20,000 each.

In a cash-strapped state like Uttar Pradesh, they struggle to survive.

One of the few places where they can get a loan is the DNP Midwifers Federation of India (DMF) where they earn Rs 30,000 a month.

They can also earn more from the state government for the services they do.

They have to pay taxes, but this money can be easily taken out for medical expenses.

This has been the situation for over a decade.

In the year 2012, DMF was given a loan of Rs 5 crore by the Centre to provide health services to the poor.

They had to pay interest on this amount for six years, but it was only in 2015.

The state government had given them a loan for another year to repay it.

The debt is now worth Rs 30 crore.

In fact, the DMF is in the process of taking out a loan from the Centre for its own welfare.

The doctors and midwives are the backbone of the health system in Uttar Pradesh.

The salaries they earn are not enough for the poor, and they are the ones who are forced to resort to begging.

“The midwives can only earn Rs 3,500 per month.

We can’t pay our debts with money from the government,” said Aishwarya, who has two children.

Aishwasha, who is the daughter of a midwife and a teacher, works in a hospital, and she has been a midwifi doctor for almost 30 years.

“We have to have Rs 2 lakh in savings for the next three years, which we have accumulated through our own efforts.

We cannot afford the salaries of doctors, nurses, and midwimers,” she said.

The middlewifery profession in Uttar, however, is not just about earning money.

“I am proud of the work I do.

I am doing this for my daughter.

She is my sole responsibility,” said the midwife.

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