Which Midwives Pay the Most?

RN salaries for 2017-2018 are expected to exceed $200,000 in some states.

That’s a big pay bump for midwives in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

But midwives pay much less in California and Oregon, where they make more than the average midwife in other states.

What’s more, midwives are paid by the hour, rather than a formula like doctors, dentists and other specialists.

In many states, midwifery residencies and teaching jobs are filled by other professionals. 

What’s in the Midwife Salary Guide? 

Midwives can be paid up to $140,000.

Thats more than half the national average of $110,000 per year, according to data compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics. 

However, there are exceptions.

Midwives in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania can make more if they work a 40-hour week.

They also can earn more if their workload is high. 

 In states with minimum wage laws, midwife salaries are generally more than midwives who earn $50,000 or more in their jobs. 

Midwife salaries in other cities and states are comparable.

The median midwife pays $100,000 a year in Washington, D.C., and the median salary in California is $93,000, according the National Midwiferies Association. 

How much do midwives make in California? 

In California, the median midwifa is paid $84,000 and the average wage for a midwife is $87,000 according to a study by the Midwapo Institute.

The study did not look at median hourly wages. 

The median midwives wage is $92,000 nationally.

In New York City, the midwife’s wage is less than half of that. 

Are there any tips? 

Not every midwife gets a minimum wage job.

Most midwives receive a salary based on their qualifications and experience.

Some have the flexibility to work on their own schedule, with minimal overtime. 

Is there a salary scale? 


Where can I learn more? 

You can find more information about the midwives salary scale on the Midwives Salary Guide website, www.midwapo.org.

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