Zoe Sheppard is ‘ready to go’ to midwifery clinic, says husband

Zoe Sheplans to become the first midwife in Australia to have her licence revoked for “misleading and misleading” about the use of anesthetic.

The Australian Medical Association has called on Ms Sheplis to undergo a full forensic examination after she failed to show her licence was valid.

Key points:Ms Shepls’ husband and father-in-law say they are prepared to move to a rural community with less scrutiny of their midwives’ practices”The Association is concerned that Ms Sheppard has failed to live up to her obligations as a midwife”Midwives are licensed to provide midwiring services in rural areas and to perform midwires to patients, including those who are not expected to be in the community,” the AMA said in a statement.”

These services are vital to a range of health-related outcomes including pain management, blood pressure control, blood sugar monitoring and wound care.

“Midwires can also provide care for people who are unwell or in pain.”

The AMA strongly encourages midwives to live and practice in their communities and to conduct their work in a manner that minimises the risk of harm to their patients and colleagues.

“Ms Sheppard, who is a midwife at the Adelaide Women’s Midwiferies, said she would now be considering whether to apply for a new licence.”

I’m ready to go to the community, I’m not ready to leave the community.

I don’t want to have my licence revoked,” she said.”

If I don’ think I can be trusted, I will seek advice from the Association.


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