What to Know About the Casey Harrison Midwife Salary Change

Midwives, a profession with some of the lowest pay in the medical field, are getting a bump in pay after the Affordable Care Act took effect.

The midwife salary increase was announced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Thursday.

The increase, which will be in effect for two years, will bring the salary of a midwife from $69,500 to $84,000, a 10 percent increase.

“I think it’s an amazing step forward,” says Sarah Crouse, the CEO of the National Midwives Association, which represents more than 1,500 midwives nationwide.

“It’s just great to see it get recognized and acknowledged.”

The midwives who will benefit the most include those working in the midwife specialty and those working as home health aides, which pay about $80,000.

In addition, the salary increase will bring a 5 percent pay cut for those who work as clinical social workers.

It’s not clear exactly what will change for these midwives in terms of pay, but it’s expected that they will see their overall salaries increase, but the increase in midwives will be less.

According to CMS, the midwives pay for most of their care in a home health care facility.

A home health aide is typically the first line of defense when an emergency occurs, or when a person needs to be transported to a hospital or emergency room.

A midwife is responsible for making sure the care is covered and that patients receive all of the necessary care, including medications and supplies.

While midwives are already receiving a lot of medical benefits under the ACA, it’s unclear how the midwifery pay raise will affect their healthcare needs.

CMS has yet to release details on how it will fund its midwifi program, but its plan to make the health insurance companies pay for midwitness insurance through the midwatchers’ tax credits is expected to help them cover a lot more costs.

Midwifers also face higher out-of-pocket expenses than other doctors.

According a 2015 study by the American Academy of Family Physicians, more than one-third of midwives said they would be unable to cover most of the cost of health care.

“The more they can afford to cover health care, the less expensive they’ll be to the patients,” says Crouse.

“And if they don’t cover it, they’ll just charge you more.”

The pay increase also comes just as the Affordable Health Care Act passed.

In November, President Donald Trump signed the Affordable Healthcare Act into law, which has been hailed as a massive step forward for healthcare providers.

The law will extend coverage to more than 27 million Americans, expand Medicaid coverage to all Americans, and provide funding to states to help expand Medicaid and other health care programs.

However, some of these programs have been plagued with problems, including the ongoing implementation of state-based health insurance exchanges.

This new law, however, has been touted as a major success.

While the Affordable health care law has been a major factor in the recent surge in midwomens’ pay, the current pay increase is expected as the ACA has been signed into law and there are no other major reforms currently in place.

“This is one of the big wins,” says Julie Kocher, the president of the midwomen’s organization National Midwifi Association.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in the pay of midwamers, especially with the ACA.

It is exciting to see that there is an increase.”

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