This Midwife Brew Recipe Is Deliciously Delicious

Midwives have been making beer for thousands of years, but only a few have actually been able to get their hands on the craft.

Now, a craft brewing craze is on the rise and some midwives are using the brew to create special recipes for their patients.

This recipe, which uses two ingredients and is available on Reddit’s brew subreddit, was shared by the midwife in the subreddit’s brew section.

The recipe uses two grains of rice, one barley malt and two hops, according to Reddit. 

The grain bill includes barley, wheat, oats, millet and barley malt.

The beer, however, is made from a blend of barley, rye, oats and malt. 

According to the subreddit, the recipe uses an average of two gallons per batch. 

“The malt bill is fairly standard, but you could use any malt you’d like to add. 

This recipe does not use any special additions like adding a secondary or malt that is not used in this recipe,” the post said.

The brew is currently a little under $5, and some of the recipe’s commenters have shared their favorite brews.

One commenter shared a recipe for the popular Red Brick Stout that uses red barley, barley malt, wheat malt and hops. 

Another redditor shared a brew called The White Rye with barley, hops and rye, with a grain bill of 6.75 percent.

Another redditors brew recipe calls for wheat malt, malted wheat and rye malt, with grain bill averaging 4.75%. 

“This recipe makes a very good pale ale,” another redditor said.

“I’m going to keep it as it is for now, though it does have a lot of hops added.

I’m going into a brewhouse for now so I’m hoping it comes out really well.”

Another redditer shared the recipe for a beer called the Irish Stout that used barley malt with the grain bill at 6.5 percent. 

If you’re in a craft brewery or home brewing business, you can find the recipe here .

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