Why is your midwife a certified midwifery certifier?

Certified midwives are midwives who have undergone a clinical trial and have been certified by the National Midwives and Midwives Association (NMMA).

The NMMA has been running a clinical assessment programme called the Clinical Assessment of Midwives Programme (CAPMP) since 2014.

The aim of the CAPMP is to identify midwives, trained to give birth and midwives certified by a recognised organisation to provide midwomens health services.

A clinical assessment is a process that is based on medical evidence and a doctor’s opinion.

“The midwife who receives the CAPmp certification will be able to give advice on their midwife and will be supported in delivering a baby safely and effectively,” Dr Rachael Jones, a certified nurse midwife from NSW, told News.au.

Dr Jones said that while midwives with CAPMP certification would not be accredited by the Australian College of Midwifes, they would be able conduct more regular and thorough assessments.

She said that she had never had a midwife with CAPMPs certification and believed that midwives would not want to do that.

While the ACT has been one of the most popular destinations for midwives in the ACT, Ms Jones said it was not the only one.

It was a very different experience when I was in Queensland, she said.

There were a lot of midwives from different countries that came through and were certified, but then there were a few that I didn’t know that were certified.

That’s why, when I went back, I thought that I had to do a clinical review to prove that I was certified midwives.

As soon as I did that, it was a really positive experience.

Ms Jones said she would be working with other midwives to find the right midwives for their areas and would also train them in the CAPMMP.

Midwives can also apply for the CAP MP certification if they meet certain criteria, including having completed a minimum of 18 months of clinical experience.

Ms Jones would be doing her training at St Vincent’s Hospital, near Townsville.

Other midwives and midwoms in Australia have also received the CAPMA certification.

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