Woman in labor in Louisiana hospital with midwife’s son


– An infant born to a midwife in Louisiana was born with brain damage, but doctors are hopeful she’ll be OK, according to the baby’s mother.

Midwives at a Mid-Missouri hospital say they were called to deliver a baby boy at 1:25 p.m.

Friday in a hospital parking lot in Mid-Louisiana, and the infant’s mother was transported to the hospital, according the Mid-Maine Midwives’ Association.

The Mid-State Midwives Association says the baby was born prematurely with brain injuries and his mother is being treated in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital in St. Joseph, Miss.

The baby’s father is also being treated.

Doctors say the child suffered a brain injury from the birth and the child’s mother is currently being treated at the hospital.

The Mid-Midstate Midwives say there are no signs of other trauma.

Doctors at the St. Mary’s Mid-Atlantic Medical Center in West Monroe, Miss., say they’ve had four or five cases of caesarean sections for a Caesareans section in the last year and a half.

The organization is hoping to get more information about the birth of the baby, who is about 7 weeks old, before releasing any information.

The hospital is located in an industrial park in downtown St. James.

The city of St. Louis, where the hospital is based, is about 50 miles away.

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