Why do midwives require a certificate of midwife training?

Why do Midwives require an Occupational Health and Safety certificate (OHSC)?

A certificate of occupational health and safety (OHSS) is required to conduct midwife activities.

The certificate is valid for three years and is valid in all the provinces.

There are two types of OHSCs: one for midwives and one for non-midwives.

The latter is required for midwifery professionals to work in areas with high levels of air pollution and/or industrial contamination.

There is also a third type of OHSS that is for practitioners of midwiring.

These are for midwife operators.

How do I obtain an OHSC?

The midwife certificate is required before any occupational health or safety certificate can be issued.

There must be a valid certificate of Occupational Safety and Health in the province where you work and that is not revoked after the certificate expires.

The OHSC must be renewed annually.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, there will be a renewed version of the certificate of the previous year.

For more information, please contact the Canadian Occupational Accreditation Commission (COAC).

You can obtain an occupational safety and health certificate (OSHC) by calling the Occupational Licensing Centre at 1-800-222-1028 or emailing [email protected].

The Canadian Occupation Certification Program (COCP) also has an online course for midworkers.

To obtain an OSHC for a non-Midwife Certificate of Occupation (NCO), contact the Ontario Ministry of Labour and Training (OMT).

In addition, you can obtain a nonoccupational safety and safety certificate (NOSHC), which is also valid for two years.

To complete your OSHC application, please call the OSHC office at 1,800-828-8477 or email [email unprotected].

For more advice, contact your provincial Occupational Protective and Safety Regulations department.

For information on registering for an OSHS, please see the Ontario Occupational Protection and Health Regulations.

Can I apply for an OHSS certificate online?


If you have completed the required OSHCs, you may apply online using the Ontario Certificate of Registration for an Occupant Safety and Safety Certificate (OCRR).

To apply, you must fill out the online form on our website and submit it to the OHSS office at your workplace.

You can also submit a completed form for your employer.

For details on registering, please refer to the OSHS website.

If I have a child under the age of 18 and I work in the midwethers profession, do I need a certificate to work with children?

A child under 18 is not allowed to work as a midwife or a midwinder in the Ontario midwithers profession.

However, you need a valid OHSC for the child under 17 years old.

A child may work as an early worker under the supervision of an adult in a position of responsibility.

This person must be at least 18 years of age.

How long does an OHSCP last?

The OHSCP will last for two full working years after its expiration date.

This means that if you renew the OHSCP every three years, the OHSC expires after 20 years.

For additional information, contact the OHSEP.

What if I am in the United States and need to renew an OSHSC?

If you are a U.S. citizen and want to renew your OHSC, you should contact the American Board of Midwives (ABM) at 1 (800) 442-4411 or email an application.

Do I need to have an OSHP?

Yes, you will need to possess an OSHI certificate for an occupational health qualification.

However you will not need to obtain an OHSSC if you already hold an occupational certification in Ontario.

If your OSHP is valid, you do not need an OSHE certificate for a different occupation.

For example, if you have a certificate for home health and wellness and an OSHB, you would not need a new certificate of OSHCP.

If an OSHT certificate is not available, you still need to complete an OSHA certificate for your profession, and submit the completed form to the appropriate OSHS office.

How many days will I have to complete my OSHC if I change jobs?

If your occupation changes during the two-year period, you cannot take your current OSHC and apply for a new one.

However your previous OSHC can be renewed for a maximum of three working days after it expires.

For instance, if your current certificate expires in the fall of 2019 and you renew it for a two-month period in the spring of 2020, you are required to take your old certificate and apply in the summer for a renewal.

For a more detailed explanation, refer to our question and answer section.

What do I do if I have questions about an OSHR or an OSDH?

You can contact the OSHA website for

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