How to make a midwife look like a surgeon

An obstetricians obstetric team in Israel was recently exposed as a midwives team, an accusation which was denied by the organization, which called the accusation a “frivolous and inaccurate attack.”

The allegations come as a result of a series of undercover videos uploaded to YouTube, which have gained worldwide attention.

In the videos, two obstetric nurses in the same midwife training program are seen taking shots and administering intravenous fluids to women in the operating room.

“What do we do with this patient?” one of the nurses asks.

“Take the umbilical cord out and give her some antibiotics,” says the other.

The videos have garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube.

The Midwives in Israel, a coalition of midwives, also has been targeted in a recent controversy involving a video of a midwifery team treating a young woman who had contracted the virus in her family’s home.

The woman, who was brought in to be treated, was later transferred to a hospital where she recovered, but has since tested negative for the virus.

In recent weeks, the group has also been accused of allowing a young man to die of the virus while treating a pregnant woman with the virus, a video that has gone viral.

The video was uploaded to Facebook last week.

According to The Jerusalem Times, the Midwives have denied the allegations and have said the videos are fabricated.

A spokesperson for the Midwiferies Association of Israel, the organization that runs the program, said the accusation was “a frivolous and inaccurate assault.”

He added that the organization “would never allow a woman to be denied treatment because of her profession.”

The Midwives Association of the Middle East, which has been affiliated with the Midwife training programs of the Israeli and Palestinian Authority, has also faced allegations of the same kind of allegations.

In May, a woman in the Palestinian Authority was reportedly infected with Ebola and passed the virus to a nurse in the West Bank.

The nurse and another midwife who worked in the hospital where the patient died were accused of failing to adequately quarantine the patient, which could have resulted in the woman’s death.

In response, the Israeli Midwives Federation and the Palestinian Midwives Union called on the Israeli authorities to investigate the allegations.

A spokesperson for The Midwifi said they are currently investigating the allegations against them, and are looking into the issue to determine the exact nature of the complaint.

The organization is currently holding a meeting with the Israeli Health Ministry to discuss the issue further.

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