‘This is what happens when you are pregnant’: Midwives give birth to baby in rural New Mexico

In rural New York State, midwives are trying to save the lives of newborns by delivering their babies in a remote and dangerous environment.

They are trying desperately to save lives.

The midwives in this small New Mexico town say their first-time baby was born in mid-April, and they’ve been delivering babies since then.

They’re not sure if the baby survived the delivery, but their hope is that it will be OK.

Midwives are an integral part of New Mexico’s healthcare system.

“I don’t want to be a mother anymore,” says Valerie Williams, a midwife at the El Centro Midwife Training Center.

Williams was a nurse for 30 years before she joined the Midwives of New York, a group of midwives that has been rescuing babies and delivering babies in remote and mountainous New Mexico.

“It’s not only about us, it’s about the babies and the moms.

And when they’re not there, they’re our babies,” she says.

Williams says she has had to rescue two children.

The first was born on March 5th and died shortly after birth.

Williams says that when the baby was in her arms, the baby didn’t look like a baby.

This is why she and the other midwives were so determined to save their babies.

As Williams and other midwifery students were giving birth to the baby on March 9th, she was driving through a rural area near a small town in New Mexico where she had a rural clinic and a maternity hospital.

Williams was delivering her own baby when she noticed a baby with severe birth defects.

“They were not the typical ones that we see in the clinic, the small ones that are more like the size of a small baby, that were born prematurely.

It’s a very serious condition,” she told ABC News.

She called a midwife and the midwife immediately came to the hospital and treated the newborns.

But when the midwives got home, they were not able to find the baby.

They called the police, and the police said they couldn’t find the newborn.

The police told them that the midwives were trying to rescue their baby.

They had to go back to the clinic to have the baby and it was already late in the day, the police told ABCNews.

They couldn’t locate the newborn and they couldn`t find any information about where the baby had been born, so they called a hotline that was set up in New York City, but it wasn`t working.

They also couldn` t find any pictures of the baby, so Williams and the others were forced to go to the police department to find a photo of the newborn they could send to the midawomen, but they didn`t have a picture to send.

Williams and the Midwifers were so desperate to save this baby that they called the Midwife of the Year Awards, a New York-based organization that supports midwives who are in crisis.

They were able to identify a photo that showed the baby being delivered, and then they were able help save the baby from being in a worse condition.

Now the Mid Womens of New England is planning to start an online petition to ask New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide funds to help Midwives rescue babies and deliver babies.

“I`m just doing what I can do.

I have a great support network, and I`m trying to make sure that I`ve been in a position where I can be a hero to other midwife and midwife communities around the country,” Williams said.

She and the rest of the MidWomens are hoping that Cuomo will act to help the Midaws and midwives throughout the country.

“We`re hoping that he`ll step in and provide the funding to help us find the best way to save our baby,” Williams told ABC.

Williams is not the only midwife in need of help.

Midwives across the country are struggling to find ways to deliver babies safely.

In fact, a survey released earlier this year by the National Midwives Association shows that more than a third of midwife positions are being closed due to budget cuts.

Midwives in New England have been forced to make sacrifices in order to save a baby from the cruel conditions in which they work.

Williams says that she`ll continue to do what she can to save babies from these horrible conditions.

“When I look at my family and see my daughter, it`s just like my whole family.

We`re just trying to survive,” she said.

In an interview with ABC News, Williams said that her heart broke for her friends and family members who lost a baby in childbirth.

Williams has been working at the Mid Women`s Clinic for 25 years and has had the opportunity to help save babies since she was born.Williams

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