How to Get Certified Nurse Midwives in Canada

An independent midwife is now certified in Canada after being named the top female midwife in Canada by the Canadian College of Nurse Midwifery.

Nancy Spencer, an Australian born midwife who now lives in Canada, was awarded the prestigious award by the College’s Women in Midwives and Nurse Midwife Council.

The award is a recognition for women who have taken leadership in providing high quality, culturally relevant, culturally and medically appropriate care.

Ms Spencer was named one of Canada’s top female nurse midwives by the college’s board of directors and the College of Nursing and Midwifties in 2017.

The accolade is an acknowledgement of her dedication to the profession and the dedication to patient care that she has displayed over the years, the college said.

Ms Sparks is a nurse midwifemaker with 35 years of experience and has been working with families for more than 20 years.

She has also worked as an independent midwife and as a midwife for a family for over 20 years, said Christine Schleifer, president and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Association of Canada.

“She has been a leader in her field and has proven that she is a highly respected midwife and a strong advocate for women and families in the care of their children,” Ms Schlerier said.

“I have always known Nancy as a woman of exceptional compassion, integrity and leadership.”

Ms Spencer also received a special honour at the end of the award ceremony.

“The College of Nurses and Midwives congratulates Nancy for her outstanding achievement and recognition,” Ms Spencers award said.

In addition to being named one out of a group of women chosen to receive the prestigious Women in midwives award, Ms Spencer is also named as one of seven women in Canada with the distinction of being the only woman to receive her own award from the College.

Ms Spenders awards for excellence have been bestowed in the past, including a 2016 award from CNA.

The organization was also named a 2017 National Women’s Achievement Award winner by the Society for Nurses Canada.

Ms Schreifer said the award was a reflection of the diversity of women in the midwives profession.

“Nancy is a member of the College who has served with distinction and achieved the recognition she has,” Ms Schlifer said.

While she did not see the recognition as a compliment, Ms Spence said it was a recognition that she had not received before.

“It’s been a wonderful honour to receive this award and it means a lot to me to be able to share the accomplishment of my fellow midwives with the world,” Ms Spencer said.

She is the third female midwielder in the Canadian midwitness community to be named a nurse Midwife.

A record-breaking 11 women have been named midwives and a record-setting 15 have been nurses.

A total of 10,000 women are now midwives, while the number of midwives in the profession is expected to double over the next decade.

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