Why midwives are earning more than midwives in Israel

Midwives, the nation’s oldest profession, are being paid far more than their counterparts in other professions and in Israel, the highest paid in the world, according to a report released Wednesday by the Israel midwives’ union.

The union’s annual salary survey, published in mid-February, showed that midwives earned $15,836 more in 2015 than their equivalent in the United States, the U.K. or Canada.

Midwives are a highly specialized field of medicine.

The field’s main job is to treat a person’s condition, rather than providing health care.

They are also often the first point of contact between the patient and their doctor or other healthcare provider, and are usually the first to speak to an emergency or critical situation.

Israel’s midwives have a special status as the first line of contact for many Israeli health-care workers who are at risk of death or are seriously injured due to a medical emergency.

The report said the average salary of a midwife in Israel was $28,000, the second highest in the country behind only Israel’s largest city of Tel Aviv.

Midwives are also well-represented in the workforce, with the union estimating that 80% of all midwives work in Israel.

“We do not know how many women choose to return to Israel and remain in this profession, but we know that in Israel women who choose to leave midwives often return home after two years to raise families,” the union’s general secretary, Livia Sperry, said in a statement.

In recent years, the union has been pushing to boost salaries for midwives.

In May, the government approved a new law that will raise salaries for the country’s midwifery sector from about $18,000 to $27,000 a year.

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