A midwife’s tattoo makes her a ‘superwoman’ in Texas

A midwifery practitioner in Texas has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a woman who was trying to prevent her from being hospitalized.

Michelisia Jackson was one of several midwives who were arrested after allegedly stabbing the 33-year-old woman to death during a midworship session in the city of Houston, where Jackson has been employed.

Prosecutors said Jackson was acting in self-defence when she allegedly stabbed her midwife.

The woman, identified only as Ms C, had been admitted to a hospital after complaining of abdominal pain.

Jackson was allegedly in her midwifi while she was attempting to prevent Ms C from being admitted.

She then attempted to stab the midwifer.

Jackson, 27, was sentenced by Judge John F. Thomas at a Houston courtroom on Wednesday.

“This court finds that you attempted to commit a felony against a victim, and that you are a dangerous person,” Thomas said.

Jackson said she was “extremely upset” about the incident.

“I just feel that I was taken advantage of, I was abused,” Jackson said.

The court also sentenced Jackson to three years of supervised release.

She is scheduled to be sentenced in April.

“There’s no way in hell I can look back and be happy,” she said, adding that she still had nightmares and worries about her life.

“I feel like I lost my life, I lost someone I love and I lost a lot of things,” Jackson added.

The midwife has also been convicted of attempting to commit murder.

Her attorney, Daniel Lipsky, said his client has received mental health treatment since the incident and that he would continue his rehabilitation.

Jackson is the second Texas midwife to be charged with attempted murder after the midwives from the Midwiferies of Texas (MTO) were arrested in September last year after they allegedly attacked a woman in the state.

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