‘This baby is so beautiful’: Midwife’s midwife speaks out after baby born with Down syndrome

A midwife from Greensboro, North Carolina, who is the only person in the United States to have had Down syndrome, spoke about her experience of birthing a baby with the disorder.

Carol Anne Wortman, 57, said she had been working as a midwife in Greensboro when she learned her baby had Down Syndrome in January.

She was working as an assistant midwife at a Greensboro hospital when she had her first baby girl.

She and her husband, Thomas, are now married and have two boys, ages 1 and 2.

She said she decided to give birth to a baby who had Down’s syndrome.

“It’s just a blessing, to have such a beautiful baby.

I love her and everything that comes with her,” Wortmann told ABC News.

“It was so beautiful.”

The couple had two children, ages 3 and 6, and Worteman said the most difficult part of giving birth to the child with Down’s Syndrome was the anxiety.

“I had anxiety, so I was just scared,” she said.

“I was just so worried about everything that was going on, about her being born.

So it was hard, it was really hard.

It was so stressful for all of us.”‘

We had to do everything for our baby’Wortmann said that she felt so blessed when she gave birth to her baby girl on April 1.

“This is a blessing that we were able to do for our little girl,” she told ABC.

“She was born and she’s just going to be a beautiful, beautiful little girl and we’re really happy.”

Wortman said she and her wife went to Greensboro General Hospital with their daughter, and had a difficult time getting the baby out of the NICU.

“There were a lot of things that had to be done to get her out of there,” she recalled.

“There were wires to be put in her arms, and she had to wear an oxygen mask.

It’s kind of hard to put into words, but it was very difficult.”

Worterman said that the Midwives Guild of North Carolina was not surprised by the baby’s birth, but felt that they were doing everything possible to help with the birth of the baby.

“We had a baby, and now we’re doing everything that we can to make sure that the baby has the best life possible,” she added.

“We had no choice but to do all of that, and we did everything we could to make her happy and safe and healthy.”ABC News’ John Kessel contributed to this report.

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