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A midwife’s journey from an intern to a midwife in a busy city in the US article Midwives who had a hand in saving lives after the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut were at the heart of a new documentary film.

“Midwives are the people who save lives,” said Laura Smith, the film’s director and a midwives associate who grew up in Chicago.

“They save lives through a combination of good intentions, good intentions that go against the grain, good faith.”

Smith told the Guardian the film would examine the role midwives play in the lives of women and the role their community plays in their care.

The film’s trailer showed a midwifery associate in her twenties who is in a difficult position.

“She’s a new mom, and she’s got two kids, and it’s just really hard to be in this position, and then she’s like, ‘Oh, I know how I can make a difference,'” the woman told the filmmaker.

“And then she starts to work with the families.

It’s so beautiful.”

Smith says the midwives featured in the film are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the role they play in families.

“We wanted to be as candid as we could about the importance of these midwives,” she said.

“So the people I interviewed were all midwives, and they all were very involved in these families, they all had their own stories of caring for these families.”

The midwives included: Laura Smith’s midwife father, the late Dr John Smith, who worked with women at the Chicago Women’s Hospital and helped create the midwIFamily program;

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