A midwife meme that went viral on Facebook

There is a meme floating around Facebook that purports to be a midwife photo.

It shows a midwives daughter, who looks like her midwife mother, with her midwives father in a bikini and the caption “Wife of the day.”

It is also accompanied by a post that says, “Hey, this is a midwifery meme.

Please share it with your friends.


This post is a direct link to the photo, and is one of the top posts on the midwifi site.

The post is titled “This is my midwife.

Here’s what I know.”

The post was shared by a user who went by the username “midwifi” and claimed to be an “advice and support midwife.”

The user has a Facebook page that has over 7,000 likes, and has since been removed from the site.

It is not clear who is behind the post.

The user also posted a photo of the midwife posing in front of the baby’s crib.

In the caption, the user writes, “And this is my daughter.

Here is what she is like.”

However, the post is only one of many that have appeared on midwifaedia in the last week.

It has also been shared by users who posted the image of the late Midwife Kate Phelan, who died of complications of anorexia while on maternity leave in 2014.

There are also images of midwives who have died in childbirth, including a post from an unnamed midwife who posted a picture of her late husband in a hospital gown and said, “He died while I was giving birth to my second child.

It was just an accident.”

The midwives account is currently unknown, and a Facebook spokesperson did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the account was a private page and that it has not been removed.

“The posts appear to be genuine and are an important part of our community,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to BuzzFeed News.

“They do not represent the views of our employees or anyone else on Facebook.”

Midwifesty is a popular Facebook meme that was started by an anonymous user.

The image of Kate Phemen, who passed away from complications of the disorder anorexic, is still on the page and the account has over 20,000 followers.

The page is the subject of a Reddit AMA that was also posted on Facebook.

A Reddit user who goes by the name “thedeep” asked a question about the photo: “Can you show me where this photo was taken and who made it?”

He then posted a screenshot of the post, which he said was taken by midwife Kate Farrar.

The Reddit user said that midwives are supposed to wear “a tight fitting white dress that fits around their midwires, and that they are allowed to be dressed like that at home.”

The Reddit poster, who has an account named “titled midwish,” has more than 2,600 likes and has been active on Facebook since at least late 2014.

“Midwish” is an abbreviation for midwife, which was originally coined in the 1980s as a term used by the midwives for the medical staff who perform birth control for women with pre-existing conditions.

It means “midwife” in Latin.

In a tweet sent to BuzzFeed news on Monday, midwife “t” also confirmed that the post was an actual post on the site, but did not provide further details.

Midwives in midwives life have long faced stigma.

Many midwives have faced harassment and discrimination online, and some have gone public with their stories to raise awareness of the issues.

A study conducted in the late 1990s by the Midwifi Institute found that more than 70 percent of midwives surveyed felt “very unsafe and unwelcome” on Facebook and the internet, and many midwives reported that harassment on the internet was an important reason they decided to leave midwife.

“Women are encouraged to use social media to vent their frustrations and anger about what is happening to them in midwouse,” the study stated.

“This can lead to the creation of ‘Midwifish’ and ‘Midwives Anonymous’ groups.

The posts of the anonymous midwives can cause some distress and anger, but they also create opportunities for women to seek help and support from other midwives.”

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