Midwives in Northern Ireland face threats of prosecution for treating babies

Midwives who perform abortions in Northern Irish hospitals face a backlash from parents and campaigners for the unborn as their practices are condemned as barbaric.

The new law introduced by the Democratic Unionist Party, which has ruled the province since 2009, allows abortion clinics to be closed on religious grounds but allows them to continue in the city centre where they are permitted.

The legislation was passed after a series of attacks on abortion clinics by members of the Catholic Church and pro-choice activists who believe abortion is immoral.

The Catholic Church has also threatened to sue the Irish government over the new law, saying it could be used to criminalise abortion.

A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission said the commission had been made aware of the law and that it would take a call on whether it would be prosecuted.

“We are aware of a number of reports which concern midwives working in Catholic hospitals,” she said.

“It is a matter for the Human Rights Act Tribunal to decide whether a complaint against midwives may be considered under the Act.”

The law has also sparked an outcry from the anti-abortion organisation NARAL, which describes itself as “the voice of the pro-life community in Ireland”.

Its founder and president, Dr Stephen Jones, said the new laws “will have an impact on the lives of millions of women”.

“This law has been widely debated by both pro-lifers and pro to the contrary pro-abortion groups.”

The pro-conservatives and the pro to end abortion are at loggerheads over the very nature of the human life,” he said.

The Abortion Reform Act is aimed at making abortion illegal in Northern India but does not cover Northern Ireland.

It was approved in the House of Commons on Tuesday after being tabled by the Democrat and pro Labour parties.

It is not the first time abortion has been targeted by pro-choicers in Northern Britain.

Pro-life groups said the laws would result in the closure of thousands of abortion clinics.”

They are not targeting any particular clinic or doctor, they are targeting a whole industry,” said Ruth Patterson, director of the British Abortion Rights Organisation.”

In the UK, you have to be a licensed medical practitioner and a nurse to perform an abortion.

“Pro-choice groups in Ireland have been campaigning for the law to be overturned for years.

The government has pledged to amend the law before the election, but pro-abortions groups have warned that the law would not go into effect until after May.”

This is a very big issue and this is one of the big issues that will be on the table in this election,” Ms Patterson said.

Irish Independent

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