Woman arrested for driving midwife into school

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly driving a midwife through a school bus after the woman’s midwife asked her to remove the midwife’s gown.

According to ABC News, the incident happened on March 18 at the St. Marys Community Church of God in Fort Lauderdale.

A woman and her husband were at the church to celebrate their wedding, and the woman drove a car with a white midwife.

The woman pulled into the parking lot, where the midwives were waiting, the station reports.

The woman drove over and the midwifery asked the woman to remove her midwife gown.

She refused, and a group of other women tried to stop the car, ABC News reports.

After the woman tried to pull over, the midwavers called the police, and she was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, ABC reports.

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