Midwife’s story: A woman in India’s black market says she is ‘not a midwife’

India’s midwives have been accused of “black market practices” after a report said they had “regularly” priced black midwives out of lucrative contracts.The Indian midwives Association of India said it had “received reports of unethical practices in the market for midwives”, with “regular” and “regular and frequent” prices being quoted.In one case, a midwives’ contract […]

How to compare midwives’ prices

The average midwife salary varies from state to state, but a midwife’s salary varies based on their state of employment.That means you’ll need to use the most recent state salary numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the midwife price range.Midwives in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, […]

‘This baby is so beautiful’: Midwife’s midwife speaks out after baby born with Down syndrome

A midwife from Greensboro, North Carolina, who is the only person in the United States to have had Down syndrome, spoke about her experience of birthing a baby with the disorder.Carol Anne Wortman, 57, said she had been working as a midwife in Greensboro when she learned her baby had Down Syndrome in January.She was […]

How to stop doulas getting the “wrong midwife” by not treating them like a doctor

Midwives and doulas can be the same thing.While many of us want to see both of them as a team, there are a few key differences between them that need to be considered. 1.A midwife or doula doesn’t have to be a doctor to work.They are also not doctors.A doula can do a lot of things […]

When the baby is a baby, she’ll get it too: ‘Midwife’ star Nancy Spencer midwife is a true midwife

Nancy Spencer is one of the most sought-after midwives in the country and her work is often lauded as “the best in the business.”But what does a midwife actually do?We asked her about that, and what that means for her career.Read MoreIn the video below, we speak with Nancy about what she does, what she […]

How to get the midwife Keychain to work with your phone

Midwives are essential to a modern healthcare system.You can’t have a functioning healthcare system without them.So they’re a vital part of our daily lives.They’re vital to ensuring that every baby born is delivered safe and sound.And midwives are critical in delivering the safest and most effective antenatal care possible.But how do you get them to […]

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