Zoe Sheppard is ‘ready to go’ to midwifery clinic, says husband

Zoe Sheplans to become the first midwife in Australia to have her licence revoked for “misleading and misleading” about the use of anesthetic.The Australian Medical Association has called on Ms Sheplis to undergo a full forensic examination after she failed to show her licence was valid.Key points:Ms Shepls’ husband and father-in-law say they are prepared […]

Which midwife uniforms will you wear?

With an influx of new midwives from the mid-Atlantic region, a new look is expected for midwives in the coming months.The midwives are to be expected to dress in their own midwifery uniforms in mid-November.“The midwife dress will be an updated version of the uniforms worn by midwives across the country and will incorporate elements […]

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