How much is a midwife in California?

With California’s midwife shortage, some midwives are going beyond the traditional, standard salaries of about $80,000.Some are even taking on higher salaries.But it can be difficult to figure out what those salaries actually are, and who should pay for them.The midwife Salary Calculator from Next BigFuture will help you find out.A Midwife’s Salary Calculation for […]

How to earn a midwife salary in California

California is now the third state to pay midwives $25,000 per year, according to a new report by the Midwifery Careers Association.Midwives make $37,500 per year with their employers.It’s a huge salary increase, but there are some caveats.A midwife’s salary is based on her experience, not how many hours she performs, the report states.It also […]

How to make a career as a midwife: a guide

Midwives are known for taking pride in the care and protection of the unborn baby, but their work is also vital in many other areas, including birth control, child development and maternal health.Midwives can be paid a range of salaries depending on their skill and experience, as well as the type of hospital they work […]

A midwife’s tattoo makes her a ‘superwoman’ in Texas

A midwifery practitioner in Texas has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a woman who was trying to prevent her from being hospitalized.Michelisia Jackson was one of several midwives who were arrested after allegedly stabbing the 33-year-old woman to death during a midworship session in […]

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